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What do the colours of the onion links mean?

Green means the site is live. Orange means we've been having some trouble connecting to it recently, but it may still be fine. Red means we haven't been able to connect to it for over four hours, and the link is likely to be dead.

How often are the links checked?

Sites that are up get checked every 1-3 hours. Sites that are dead get checked (60+rand(12:q0))*(1.5^dead_in_a_row) where "dead_in_a_row" is the number of times this site has been checked and been found dead in a row. If a site is found to be up this is reset to zero.

Where do you get new onions from?

What do the [F] and [G] tags mean?

Sites listed in the /r/darknetmarkets superlist, or those that have been validated by myself are tagged as [G]enuine. Clones of these sites are tagged as [F]ake. Note that clone detection is pretty primitive.

I searched for X, but it didn't show up, what gives?

Certain content relating to child pornography has been removed from this search engine. While I am very much anti-CP, I also doubt that removing links will actually stop any pedos in reality. That being said, while this is a hidden service, it is not being run as an illegal one, and my RL identiy is not very hard to find. Under Australian law, providing links to CP could be considered as "facilitating" its viewing and distribution. I'd rather not take that risk.

Access to the full database is available to LE and legitimate researchers (see below)

I'm LE / a legitimate researcher and would like a copy of your database

If you're LE and after child pornographers, then sure.

I'm also more than happy to share any data I have with legitimate researchers. By "legitimate researchers" I mean you will either be an academic, have presented at a infosec security conference, or be employed by a infosec company.

Contact me at dirtyfilthee@gmail.com to request access.

I think I've found a bug / I have a feature request / I have a question

Sure thing! I run this site as a public service, and am reasonably friendly, so will try to help if I can. Hit me up on reddit, abruptdismissal.